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I just completed reading 'The Chameleon Rancher", and found it both entertaining and contains a lot of factual information.  Having lived in Kansas and Practiced Veterinary medicine in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, there are many Clints out there and many hungry bankers. One of the characters you spoke of in your book John Ed was a good friend and there is no fiction surrounding him. Congratulations on the book being a sucess, keep on writing and keep us all involved in western history.

R. R. Domer DVM


Dear Mr. Jacobs:  

What do you buy a man for his birthday?  Especially a man that has everything he needs and wants very little?  Well, your book is exactly the perfect gift for my husband, Dennis Harris!    He was quite impressed with you the afternoon we met you in Joshua, TX.  We immediately looked up your web site and viewed your photo gallery and read your biography.  I have to say you are an interesting man with a colorful history, which is all the more reason your book will mean a lot to Dennis.  He too, has had a colorful history.  He has been a connoisseur of good horses, women and dogs his entire life!  (Not necessarily in that order - !)  He has narrowed down the women in his life to just "one" now - that being me - and we have enjoyed a wonderful life together now of 20 years and looking forward to the next 20 and beyond.   If you would please autograph your book to him, it would mean so much to me.  Dennis is an avid reader and loves telling a good story as well as reading them.  

Again, thank you and I, too, look forward to reading your wild tales!  


Shanon Harris


I finished the book. It's amazing! I finished it early last week because I couldn't put it down but I just had a chance to email you! I can't wait to meet you! I laughed and cried! My dad gets to deal with a hand JUST like Two Gun! Elevator describes it perfectly! 

I should tell you that some family friends of ours managed the Cauble Ranch in Crockett up until a month or so ago. My brother day helped there for a couple years. When they acquired the place, we went thru the bunkhouse and found the first sale catalog from 1962. So, I have a copy because they weren't about to get out with all of them! : ) I always wondered what Rex was like. I enjoyed reading that he was on the board when you went to beg for forgiveness. I have tons of questions and comments.. .but I know you're busy! You may say, I'm you're biggest fan! : ) 

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Pat's New Book Now Available!

For as long as Pat Jacobs could remember, Oklahoma had been a dry state. While the sale of beer was allowed, attempts through most of the 1940’s to legalize liquor had always failed. It would not be until 1959 that prohibition would be repealed.

One night at a little club in Sayer while the band was changing clothes in a side-stage room, Pat spied a couple of big wooden barrels laid on their side. He didn’t think much about it that first night. The next night he noticed a box lying beside the barrels that was filled with empty half-pint bottles. The labels ranged from low-end to top-shelf premium whiskey. The waitresses were taking these empty bottles, filing them from a tap in the barrels, sealing them, and selling them as what they were labeled. By the smell coming off the barrels, they were full of cheap, Ten High rot gut whiskey. It did not take long for nineteen-year-old Pat to realize they were bootlegging and the band was playing in nothing more than a speakeasy.

Remastered Oklahoma Swing Project


Pat Jacobs presents the Oklahoma Swing Project. 18 song legendary western swing project featuring Dave Alexander, Barry Corbin, Jimmy Burson, Leon Rausch, Red Steagall and 2 Previously Unreleased Tracks. Now available for $10 plus $2.50 shipping and handlng.

Take a listen at 

NCHA Members Hall of Fame

Join Pat Jacobs as he is inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Members Hall of Fame and honored during a reception to be held on Saturday evening, June 18 as part of the NCHA Convention to be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Oklahoma City Marriott.

Induction into the NCHA Members Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by the Association and NCHA is truly proud and appreciative of all you have done for the NCHA and the sport of cutting though your timeless and selfless contributions. Other inductees include Don Bussey, Wayne Hodges, and Lisa Johnson.

NCHA will also continue to honor the Members Hall of Fame inductees during the 2011 NCHA World Championship Futurity in December with the Hall of Fame certificate being presented as well as participating in the ceremonial wagon ride in the arena.

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