From The Editor - Chelsea Wells

Chelsea Wells, Commanche, TX, was only 7 when she rode Tivios Hustlerette to the Finals of the Youth Cutting at the 1998 ACHA World Show in Belton, TX. Chelsea was the subject of Glory Ann Kurtz, Executive Editor for Quarter Horse News, "From the Editor" column. The article appeared in the May 30, 1999 issue.

Chelsea Wins Championship


Chelsea Wins Championship

Chelsea Wins Championship Article

The Pat Jacobs Story

...Still Unfolding in 2008!

Pat Jacobs Still Cutting Horses Pat Jacobs was born on July 22, 1937 in Ashland, Kansas. he spent his first 18 years roping calves, playing guitars, and learning to be a cowboy. School wasn't important. He spent 2 years at Panhandle A.M. at Goodwwell Oklahoma and left to go on the road with Lefty and other groups such as Hurshal Clothier and "The Oklahoma Travelers," Merl Lindsey and the "Oklahoma Nightriders," Tex Ritter and Johnny Lee Wills and "His Boys," as well as many other swing bands of the era.

Pat was the highest rated judge in the National Cutting Horse Association for 46 years. He had 4 horses in the N.C.H.A Top Ten, five breed World Champions, plus 68 affiliate year end champions. He spent 35 years ranching Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle. Pat married Ganell "Nellie" Jacobs in 1959 and raised 3 children; Andy, Wade, and Rose. All of the kids were in the Top Ten Youth in the National Cutting Horse Association. in 1981 Rose was the National High School Rodeo Champion and the youngest to ever win an AQHA all around championship trophy.

Pat Jacobs is not a talker, rather a doer. Even today he is an accomplished trainer, musician, and story teller as proven by his recent endeavours:

- Produced "The Oklahoma Swing Project" featuring some of the greatest names in western swing music including; Gene Crownover, Bennie Garcia, Glen Reese, Jimmy Benjamin, Curly Lewis, Hurshul Clothier, Ashley Alexander, and many others... Learn More Here.

- Authored the book and talking book "Outcast, Outlaws, and Second Chance Horses," a closer than you think autobiography of Pat's life on the range, on the stage, and the life and times of being a cowboy. Learn More Here.

- Currently has a horse entered into next years N.C.H.A. Futurity. Yes, Pat still "has it" and "it" will be on full display as he reaches for yet another check in the win column in his long list of awards, credits, and life experiences.

- Band Leader of "Over the Hill Gang" western swing band. Pat is still playing shows, cutting songs, and living his dreams.


Nellie Jacobs

Nellie Jacobs Story

Nellie Jacobs Story Continued


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