This Cowboy is Off Bass

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For as long as Pat Jacobs could remember, Oklahoma had been a dry state. While the sale of beer was allowed, attempts through most of the 1940’s to legalize liquor had always failed. It would not be until 1959 that prohibition would be repealed.

One night at a little club in Sayer while the band was changing clothes in a side-stage room, Pat spied a couple of big wooden barrels laid on their side. He didn’t think much about it that first night. The next night he noticed a box lying beside the barrels that was filled with empty half-pint bottles. The labels ranged from low-end to top-shelf premium whiskey. The waitresses were taking these empty bottles, filing them from a tap in the barrels, sealing them, and selling them as what they were labeled. By the smell coming off the barrels, they were full of cheap, Ten High rot gut whiskey. It did not take long for nineteen-year-old Pat to realize they were bootlegging and the band was playing in nothing more than a speakeasy.


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