Outcasts, Outlaws, & Second Chance Horses
Will Rogers Medallion Award

On August 2, 2010, Pat Jacobs received the Will Rogers Medallion Award. Here is an exerpt from his notification.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I inform you that your book, “Outlaws, Outcasts, and Second Chance Horses”, has been selected as a 2010 Will Rogers Medallion Award Winner. The Will Rogers Medallion Award is presented each year to those books that represent an Outstanding Achievement in the Publishing of Western Literature. Your book exemplifies the combination of excellent content, high production values and honoring of the Cowboy Heritage that the award was created to acknowledge.

As you know, Will Rogers was a respected writer as well as cowboy entertainer. We hope and believe that the Will Rogers Medallion Award will help to expand the heritage of literature which honors the traditions and values of the American Cowboy, which Will did so much to embody and demonstrate. The Medallion Award was created initially to encourage the continued upgrading of the quality of published books of Cowboy Poetry. Other categories have been added to honor a wide range of Western Literature, including Non-fiction Western. Your book sets a high standard indeed.

The Medallion Award Plaques will be awarded at the Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock, Texas, September 9-11th. If you can not be there, the plaque will be mailed to you within the next two months.

Congratulations on your selection. It was well deserved, and we hope to see further award-quality publications from you in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Charles E. Williams

Executive Director, Will Rogers Medallion Award Committee

Author, Tom McGuane Discusses Pat's Book

"For anyone wanting to know what cutting looked like when it still had the hide on, when it was still an outdoor sport, before it was an "industry" and before its roots in the range livestock industry were obscured, reading Pat Jacobs' book is obligatory.

The good horses of bygone days, the long roads, bad food, sketchy lodging and extraordinary individuals come to life. It was unheard of to throw away of The Chattter and families were nearly banrupted by long distance phone calls didicated to cutting horses and the mysterious electricity they created. Horses wen't tools; they were colleagues of fellow artists.

This was high romance in some of the damndest places, fueled by often impracticaltrue believers. It had the same DNA as the Wild West with its indeggerence to risk, career planning and the bottom line. There has never been anything like it in the realm of contest horses, and Pat Jacobs has done a wonderful job recreating a world that so many of us mis."

- Tom McGuane

The Reviews are in and Pat has written a winner!

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Western Swing & Other Things host Allen D. Bailey gave Pat Jacobs a great review on his show syndicated to over 20 stations through out the plains states last week. In addition, Allen took the time to sit down and talk to Pat about his book, life, and all things western. You can click below to listen to the story unfold. Beware, this is about 45 min long!


Allen D. Bailey Interview with Pat Jacobs (mp3 format)

To listen to an edited version (20 minutes) and watch a slide show visit the video section.

Allen D Bailey of Western Swing and Other Things on PatJacobs.com Allen D. Bailey is the host of Western Swing and Other Things and has been broadcasting great western swing music from the Swingin' Gate Ranch for more than a decade.  In 2004 he became an inductee into the Kansas Western Swing Hall of Fame. In addition to presenting hard-to-find recordings from his vast collection, Marshal Bailey also enjoys researching the history of each recording when the information is available and sharing it with his listeners.
Click here to visit Allen's website.


From Western Swing Magazine

Pat Spins a Yarn Like No One Else

On the heals of his very successful "Oklahoma Swing Project" CD, now comes "Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second-Chance Horses: The Pat Jacobs Story" in book form and in 13 CD audio book.

If you don't know Pat, he spins a yarn like no one else. Full of humor and clever phrasing. So take that to the rodeo circuit and all the antics therein, not to be ourdoneby his years on the road as bass player for some of the best including Hurshil Clothier and Lefty Frizell -- and you have an enjoyable read.

The book is a window on a world I didn't know much about: cowboying and rodeoing, cutting horse training, exhibition and competition. There are 390 pages, paperback. It reads just like he talks! I can see him talking with that devilish grin on his face and gleam in his eye as I read along! He tells about the horses he's worked with, titled chaptersafter them. He talks about a horse's heart and soul. Pat is a story-teller on par with the best.

you'll meet his delightful wife Nellie, an accomplished cowgirl in her own right. Who doesn't adore this sophisticated, stylish lady? He's lucky to have her and he knows it! You about raising their three kids Andy, Wade, and Rose in the country, in the cowboy way.

If you find that you spend most of your free time driving, pick up the neatly-packaged set of CDs and you can listen and grin as you drive along. It's 13 hours of listening pleasure. 

The book is $30. The 13-CD package is $50.

Click HERE to order your copy today!


Now Available to Order

Recently published 389-page book is not only a long-time cutting horse trainer's biography - but a historical view of the industry.

Famed writer Tom McGuane says that "Outcasts, Outlaws and Second-Chance Horses," written by Pat Jacobs, who is now 71, is "for anyone wanting to know what cutting looked like when is still had the hide on... and was still an outdoor sport."

His forward to the 389-page book, that is now available to the public, will make you laugh and will make you cry as it gives vivid descriptions of how it was before showing a cutting horse was basically a rich-man's sport, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to winning horses, trainers and owners. "Pat Jacobs has done a wonderful job of recreating a world that so many of us miss." said McGuane.

The book recreates the time when hauling a cutting horse for the world championship title was done strictly for the rider and owner's ego and even during those days, wealthy individuals and politicians were vying for their horse to win a world championship title. Read stories about Buster Welch, Stanley Bush, Jim Lee and many others.

Jacobs chased the elusive Mational Cutting Horse Association World Championship title most of his life and you will read about the many cutting rirles he won in the 1950's, 1960's, and1970's by showing such greats as Alice Star, Redman, Nikki Nak, and Chinks Benjibaby. He is also a musician and plays the bass guitar by ear and recently engineetedthe "Oklahoma Swing Proect," a CD including 18 songs.

"Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second-Chance Horses" tells about his million-dollar mistake - turning down an opportunity to buy the famous stallion, Doc Quizote, before Dac Bar horses were overwhelmingly popular, because he was too ugly. You will relive Pat trying to sell a horse to President Lyndon Johnson, learn about manipulation in the cutting horse industy - even back then; taking a rollwr-coaster ride in the cattle business and going broke, as well as hiring a "mad dog" attorney and beating the bank.

Most old-timers who read this book read all 380 pages in a day or two, saying that they "just couldn't put it down." Newcomers to the industry, or jsut lovers of agood horse, give this book high marks for its colorful chapters and historical value.

"Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second-Chance Horses," is a perfect gift. It is now available for just $30, plus $5 shipping and handling. An audio version is $50 plus $5 shipping. Click here to buy your copy today!


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