The Oklahoma Swing Project
Remastered Oklahoma Swing Project


Pat Jacobs presents the Oklahoma Swing Project. 18 song legendary western swing project featuring Dave Alexander, Barry Corbin, Jimmy Burson, Leon Rausch, Red Steagall and 2 Previously Unreleased Tracks. Now available for $10 plus $2.50 shipping and handlng.

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The Playlist

Barry Corbin Introduction (mp3 format)  

1. Oklahoma Waltz (mp3 format)

2. San Antonio Rose (mp3 format)   

3. Faded Love (mp3 format)

4. Golden Slippers (mp3 format)   

5. Red Steagall - Intro (mp3 format)

6. Time Changes Everything (mp3 format)   

7. Memories (mp3 format)

8. Marie (mp3 format)

9. Leon Bausch - Intro  (mp3 format)

10. Deep Water (mp3 format)  

11. Dave Alexander - Intro (mp3 format)

12. I Need Your Love (mp3 format)  

13. On The Trail (mp3 format)

14. Will You Miss Me (mp3 format)

15. Pat Jacobs - Intro (mp3 format)

16. Reno Street Blues (mp3 format)

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Western Swing Record Hop

Western Swing Magazine Review on Pat Jacobs Oklahoma Swing Project

Western Swing Record Hop

Mike Gross, WVOF-FM, Fairfield, CT.

CD Review: The Oklahoma Swing Project
Artist: dave Alexander, Pat Jacobs, et al

This new CD produced by Dave Alexander, a multi talented Western Swing legend is conceptually and musically a work of art. Pat Jacobs, a former Hurshul Clothier and the Oklahoma Travelers bass player gave to Dave the masters of an awesome 1982 Clothier band recording session, which included Dave's dad, the late Ashley Alexander playing trumpet and trombone. Dave added and combined his trumpet and some of today's top musicians and vocalists in Western Swing to the Clothier band recordings and this musical gem was created. It consists of 12 tunes and for short intros by Dave, Pat, Red Steagall, and Leon Rausch.

Others ont he CD create a who's who of Western Swing. From 1982 the steel guitar of Gene Crownover and the fiddles of Curly Lewis, Jack Baily and Frankie McWhorter are augmented by Randy Elmore's fiddele from today. Randy also plays mandolin and guitar. Also from 1982 Tiny Duncan plays piano, Jimmy Benjamin, the drums, Pat Jacobs, bass, the great benny Garcia, guitar and AGlen Rhees-Saxophone. Also heard on the album are Jimmy Guercia playing rhythm guitar and vocalists that include Hurshul from 1982 and from today, Barry Corbin, Dave Alexander, Ginny Mac, Jimmy Burson, Leon Rausch, and Red Steagall, Barry, Dave, Leon, and Red open the album on vocal on what is called Oklahoma Waltz which is actually Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan's Good Ole Oklahoma.

Also from Bob Wills, Leon and Dave do the vocal on San Antonia Rose, Dave is heard on Faded Love, Red sings Time Changes Everything and Leon does Deep Water. Other items include a fantastic instrumental Golden Slippers, Hurshul's original vocal on Sweet Memories and a version of Tommy Dorsey and Jack Leonard's 1930's big band hit on Irving Berlin's Marie. Hurshul is also in the coval spotlight from 1982 on his I Need Your Love and Dave is joined by Ginny Mac for a duet on Johnnie Lee Wills and Henry Boatman's Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone. Two more wonderful instrumentals are On the Trail and Reno Street Blues.

The Very Best of Swing by the Legends

Pat Jacobs Oklahoma Swing Project CD Cover

In 1979 I acquired three days studio time at Caribou Studios outside of Boulder, Colorado. Caribou Studios is very exclusive. It sits on top of a mountain in Netherland, Colorado. It has its own helicopter pad, 24 hour gourmet chefs, individual log cabins and a security guard at the entrance. Once on the grounds, you stay until your finished. The musicians were pampered.

As a result of the quality of the studio, I was able to resurrect these 2” Dolby tapes. Some 28 years later we were able to digitalize & mix this historic project. After acquiring the studio time, I contacted Hurshul Clothier. Together we selected the very best western swing musicians available. We recorded 18 songs. The quality of the musicians allowed us to do most of the tracks in one or two sessions. When completed we let it die in the can.

The musicians on that old tape were older at the time of the recording. Only about 4 of 13 are still alive. The musicians are as follows:

Gene Crownover — Played steel in Bob Wills Texas Playboys longer than anyone. Also worked with Johnny Lee Wills and etc… Deceased
Bennie Garcia — Worked with every top western swing band going. A great jazz and pop player too. Deceased
Glen Rheese — Played sax with Johnnie Lee and Bob Wills for many, many years.
Jimmy Benjamin — In my opinion the greatest western swing drummer ever. Listen to his phrasing on this cd. Currently is real bad with Alzheimers disease.
Curly Lewis — If you’ve ever heard any of Hank Thompson’s records, you heard the fiddle of Curly. He also worked for Bob and Johnnie Lee Wills, Pee Wee King and Spade Cooley. I talked to Curly awhile back, he said “ the years had been taking their toll. I’m about to hang it up.”
Frankie McWhorter — Worked with the Texas Playboys throughout the 50’s. Also worked with the Miller Brothers and other western swing bands. Deceased
Jack Bailey — A well educated musician, classically trained but just wanted to play swing and jazz. Worked with Pee Wee King, Merl Lindsey and a lot of other swing bands. Deceased
Hurshul Clothier — My partner in this original recording. Hursh played fiddle better than anyone I ever worked with. He had the Oklahoma Travelers Road Band. He traveled over the southwest for 30 years. Deceased
Tiny Duncan — Played piano with Hurshul. A tremendous asset to this cd.
Ashley Alexander — A musician’s musician. He arranged the music and played trumpet and trombone on this Oklahoma Swing Project. When we finished this recording, he remarked, “we finally captured the sound of Oklahoma.” Deceased
Pat Jacobs — Bass man. Worked with Hurshul Clothier’s Oklahoma Travelers off and on for 30 years. Worked with the Tulsa bunch of the Texas Playboys. Went on several Lefty Frizzell’s west coast tours. Worked with Blue Notes pop music big band. Worked some with Hank Thompson and Over The Hill Gang and many more.
Barry Corbin — Movie star narrated the intro.
Dave Alexander — He follows in his Dad’s footsteps. Dave and I co-produced this Oklahoma Swing Project. His genius and his big ears made this cd the quality that it is. After we mixed and digitalized the original tape, we acquired the singing talents of Red Steagall, Leon Rausch, Ginny Mac, Jimmy Burson and Dave Alexander. Randy Elmore enhanced the fiddle track. If you listen closely you will hear his mandolin and gut string guitar.
The rhythm section - the bass, piano, drums and guitar have historically been the nerv system of swing music. It is the heart, soul and beat. It is called the rhythm section. This is the sound of the “Oklahoma Swing Project.”

The Oklahoma Swing Project should be an “evergreen.” It reeks with western swing history. I am fortunate to have been in the twilight of this great musical period. Also lucky to have worked with all these great musicians.



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