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I just completed reading 'The Chameleon Rancher", and found it both entertaining and contains a lot of factual information.  Having lived in Kansas and Practiced Veterinary medicine in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, there are many Clints out there and many hungry bankers. One of the characters you spoke of in your book John Ed was a good friend and there is no fiction surrounding him. Congratulations on the book being a sucess, keep on writing and keep us all involved in western history.

R. R. Domer DVM


Dear Mr. Jacobs:  

What do you buy a man for his birthday?  Especially a man that has everything he needs and wants very little?  Well, your book is exactly the perfect gift for my husband, Dennis Harris!    He was quite impressed with you the afternoon we met you in Joshua, TX.  We immediately looked up your web site and viewed your photo gallery and read your biography.  I have to say you are an interesting man with a colorful history, which is all the more reason your book will mean a lot to Dennis.  He too, has had a colorful history.  He has been a connoisseur of good horses, women and dogs his entire life!  (Not necessarily in that order - !)  He has narrowed down the women in his life to just "one" now - that being me - and we have enjoyed a wonderful life together now of 20 years and looking forward to the next 20 and beyond.   If you would please autograph your book to him, it would mean so much to me.  Dennis is an avid reader and loves telling a good story as well as reading them.  

Again, thank you and I, too, look forward to reading your wild tales!  


Shanon Harris


I finished the book. It's amazing! I finished it early last week because I couldn't put it down but I just had a chance to email you! I can't wait to meet you! I laughed and cried! My dad gets to deal with a hand JUST like Two Gun! Elevator describes it perfectly! 

I should tell you that some family friends of ours managed the Cauble Ranch in Crockett up until a month or so ago. My brother day helped there for a couple years. When they acquired the place, we went thru the bunkhouse and found the first sale catalog from 1962. So, I have a copy because they weren't about to get out with all of them! : ) I always wondered what Rex was like. I enjoyed reading that he was on the board when you went to beg for forgiveness. I have tons of questions and comments.. .but I know you're busy! You may say, I'm you're biggest fan! : ) 

Pat Jacobs Welcome Message

Pat Jacobs Official Website
Book Signings!

Join Pat in August in Kansas at Hastings Books.

Pat will be available to sign and discuss his books: the latest, The Chameleon Rancher and his previous, Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second Chance Horses at Hastings Book Stores. He will be at the Garden City, Kansas store from 4pm to 7pm on August 6 and at the Dodge City, Kansas store from 3pm to 6pm on August 7.

Please join Pat for an evening of cowboys and their horses as only he can share.

Pat's New Book A Sellout!

 Pat Jacobs, a Kansas native, was at the Hastings Book Store in Dodge City, Kansas, for a book signing on May 29, promoting his new book, “The Chameleon Rancher.” Even though the book is fiction, it is based on ranchers and big cattlemen that Jacobs knew, as well as colorful characters that old timers told him about. “The signing was a success with a great turnout,” commented Jacobs. “We sold out of both of my books, this new one and “Outcasts, Outlaws, & Second Chance Horses.”

The story takes place in western Kansas in the 1890’s and is centered around the main character, Clint Armstrong. It takes you through Indian Territory in Nebraska and to the National Union Stockyards in Kansas City, Denver and Fort Worth and even on some trips to ole’ Mexico where the main character was buying cattle.

The story takes place in 1941 when the country had just come out of the Great Depression and the ole’ Dust Bowl era.

Since Jacobs lived it, including riding cutting horses in a race for the World Championship of the National Cutting Horse Association, he used actual characters, with made-up names, from his huge bank of memories for this book. He has woven colorful individuals into a backdrop of actual events with fictional, yet believable, cowboys and ranchers, plus a dash of love, sex, drama and human frailties.

So whether you love horses or cattle, want to know more history about the formative years of the National Cutting Horse Association, or just like a good human-interest story told against the backdrop of the High Plains of Kansas and some of its history, you will enjoy this book and its surprise ending.

Jacobs’ previous book was “Outcasts, Outlaws and Second Chance Horses – the Pat Jacobs story,” and his two music videos include ”Legendary Western Swing” by Pat Jacobs and The Over the Hill Gang and “The Oklahoma Swing Project,” the very best of Swing by the legends. 

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out,” said Jacobs. “I saw some old friends and made some new ones.” Pat will return to Dodge City during the Fair and Rodeo for another book signing. Hastings Book Store will also carry copies of both of Jacobs’ books. For more information on this book or other books or videos published by Pat Jacobs, visit him online at Both books are also available at in paperback and kindle versions.

Jacobs Hit Novel now in Second Edition

Pat's successful novel "Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second Chance Horses" is now been released in it's second edition! The book has recently been updated, including moving the photos to appear within the stories! In celebration, the novel which retails for $29.95 is available this month for $24.95. Just click on the store button to order.

Pat's book has also been released on! And will shortly be available for download onto today's most popular readers like Amazon's Kindle!

Look for Pat's new novel, "The Chameleon Rancher", to be released this month!  

Born and raised in the High Plains, Clint Armstrong had gone through life indifferent and void of ambition until an offer from a Kansas City banker peeked his interest. It was 1934, and the bored 40-year-old set out for the Texas Panhandle to repossess a herd of cattle on behalf of the banker. And so Clint began his new career.

As can be expected things didn’t always go as planned and many stories of the road ensued. Through hard work and determination this simple rancher built a cattle empire of 80,000 head. Upon his death in 1958, he left the largest cash estate in Kansas.

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