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I just completed reading 'The Chameleon Rancher", and found it both entertaining and contains a lot of factual information.  Having lived in Kansas and Practiced Veterinary medicine in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, there are many Clints out there and many hungry bankers. One of the characters you spoke of in your book John Ed was a good friend and there is no fiction surrounding him. Congratulations on the book being a sucess, keep on writing and keep us all involved in western history.

R. R. Domer DVM


Dear Mr. Jacobs:  

What do you buy a man for his birthday?  Especially a man that has everything he needs and wants very little?  Well, your book is exactly the perfect gift for my husband, Dennis Harris!    He was quite impressed with you the afternoon we met you in Joshua, TX.  We immediately looked up your web site and viewed your photo gallery and read your biography.  I have to say you are an interesting man with a colorful history, which is all the more reason your book will mean a lot to Dennis.  He too, has had a colorful history.  He has been a connoisseur of good horses, women and dogs his entire life!  (Not necessarily in that order - !)  He has narrowed down the women in his life to just "one" now - that being me - and we have enjoyed a wonderful life together now of 20 years and looking forward to the next 20 and beyond.   If you would please autograph your book to him, it would mean so much to me.  Dennis is an avid reader and loves telling a good story as well as reading them.  

Again, thank you and I, too, look forward to reading your wild tales!  


Shanon Harris


I finished the book. It's amazing! I finished it early last week because I couldn't put it down but I just had a chance to email you! I can't wait to meet you! I laughed and cried! My dad gets to deal with a hand JUST like Two Gun! Elevator describes it perfectly! 

I should tell you that some family friends of ours managed the Cauble Ranch in Crockett up until a month or so ago. My brother day helped there for a couple years. When they acquired the place, we went thru the bunkhouse and found the first sale catalog from 1962. So, I have a copy because they weren't about to get out with all of them! : ) I always wondered what Rex was like. I enjoyed reading that he was on the board when you went to beg for forgiveness. I have tons of questions and comments.. .but I know you're busy! You may say, I'm you're biggest fan! : ) 

Pat Jacobs Welcome Message

Pat Jacobs Official Website
CSWM 2010 Swing Fest

Pat Jacobs will be appearing with Brady Bowen and friends at the Cowtown Society of Western Music. The CSWM will host their 12th Annual Swing Fest on Saturday May 1, 2010 at Holiday Hills Country Club in Mineral Wells, Texas. Chuck Curtis and his All Star Band will kick off the festival at about 1:00 PM with some lively western swing music. Oh yes, dancing is encouraged.


Award presentations to Heroes of Western Music (there will be 24 this year) will be presented throughout the afternoon.


Our second band will be Larry Lange and the Lonestar Troubadours from Wichita Falls, Texas.


Following them will be Bill Gilbert and The Heroes Band and we'll end the evening with Brady Bowen and Swing Country starting about 7:00 PM and going until 10:00 PM.


Also during the event we will be conducting silent and live auctions, selling tee shirts, caps, and programs; all to raise money for this event and upcoming events for 2010. A lunch buffet will be available starting at 11:00 A.M. and a dinner buffet starts at 5:30 P.M. for a nominal charge.


Pat will also be receiving the "Book of the year" award.


Now Available to Order

Recently published 389-page book is not only a long-time cutting horse trainer's biography - but a historical view of the industry.

Famed writer Tom McGuane says that "Outcasts, Outlaws and Second-Chance Horses," written by Pat Jacobs, who is now 71, is "for anyone wanting to know what cutting looked like when is still had the hide on... and was still an outdoor sport."

His forward to the 389-page book, that is now available to the public, will make you laugh and will make you cry as it gives vivid descriptions of how it was before showing a cutting horse was basically a rich-man's sport, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to winning horses, trainers and owners. "Pat Jacobs has done a wonderful job of recreating a world that so many of us miss." said McGuane.

The book recreates the time when hauling a cutting horse for the world championship title was done strictly for the rider and owner's ego and even during those days, wealthy individuals and politicians were vying for their horse to win a world championship title. Read stories about Buster Welch, Stanley Bush, Jim Lee and many others.

Jacobs chased the elusive Mational Cutting Horse Association World Championship title most of his life and you will read about the many cutting rirles he won in the 1950's, 1960's, and1970's by showing such greats as Alice Star, Redman, Nikki Nak, and Chinks Benjibaby. He is also a musician and plays the bass guitar by ear and recently engineetedthe "Oklahoma Swing Proect," a CD including 18 songs.

"Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second-Chance Horses" tells about his million-dollar mistake - turning down an opportunity to buy the famous stallion, Doc Quizote, before Dac Bar horses were overwhelmingly popular, because he was too ugly. You will relive Pat trying to sell a horse to President Lyndon Johnson, learn about manipulation in the cutting horse industy - even back then; taking a rollwr-coaster ride in the cattle business and going broke, as well as hiring a "mad dog" attorney and beating the bank.

Most old-timers who read this book read all 380 pages in a day or two, saying that they "just couldn't put it down." Newcomers to the industry, or jsut lovers of agood horse, give this book high marks for its colorful chapters and historical value.

"Outcasts, Outlaws, and Second-Chance Horses," is a perfect gift. It is now available for just $30, plus $5 shipping and handling. An audio version is $50 plus $5 shipping. Click here to buy your copy today!

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